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Simple, pre-engineered anchors offer an economical and effective option for face lifting or edge lifting in tension. Made from high quality galvanized wire rope securely swaged together to form a loop and tagged with a color code for easy load capacity identification. Anchors may be positioned to project from the concrete, a maximum 1/3 length of loop allowing regular lifting hooks to be used. Anchors may also be recessed. The special lifting unit should be used for lifting recessed anchors. Stocked in galvanized finish.

Part Number Color Code SWL (Tons) Length (L) Wire Rope
Diameter (D)
WRA008 White 0.8 203 6 mm
WRA012 Red 1.2 229 7 mm
WRA016 Pink 1.6 249 8 mm
WRA020 Light Green 2 300 9 mm
WRA025 Dark Grey 2.5 325 10 mm
WRA038 Emerald Green 3.8 370 12 mm
WRA050 Light Yellow 5 381 14 mm
WRA063 Light Blue 6.3 425 16 mm
WRA080 Light Grey 8 479 18 mm
WRA099 Dark Purple 9.9 533 20 mm
WRA120 Yellow 12 591 22 mm
WRA160 Light Purple 16 670 26 mm
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