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Magnetic System for Steel Formwork
The KA Series magnet is machined from solid material and fitted with high performance magnets, providing a high power system for securing DR Anchors. The magnetic surface is sealed, protecting it against corrosion and damages.
Requires use of rubber seals to stabilize anchor (see DR Anchor).
Part No. Load Dimensions
KA-13M 1 TON 60
KA-25M 2 TON 76
KA-50M 4 TON 98
KA-75M 8 TON 121
Use for fixing coil or Ferrule inserts to steel forms.
Part No. Diameter Thread Type
MLC05 13 Coil
MLC75 20 Coil
MLC10 25 Coil
MLN05 13 NC
MLN75 20 NC
MLN10 25 NC
The R/Z – Series magnetic system was specifically designed to be fitted into reusable box-outs. Compared to other systems of its kind, this system is specially sealed, to protect its magnetic side. In addition, this system is characterized by a particularly high magnetic force.
Part No. Tension Load in (lbs) Width height
R/Z-105 231 50 14
The R/G Magnetic system is designed to help with installing attachments to steel forms without drilling or bolting. Because of our high adhesion power and slender design. This magnet holds attachments on flat and vertical surface with confidence, while taking up minimal space. These magnets come standard with metric threads from 10mm through 36mm. Standard UNC thread combinations are also available.
Part No. Tension Load in (kg) Diameter Height Thread
R/G-105 104 52 14 10mm-36mm
R/G-190 189 52 14 10mm-36mm
The Power Line Series is a high performance magnetic system for securing down precast concrete form rails. It’s the only magnet that is guaranteed and certified up to +/- 1% of the adhesion power. It has an improved performance on uneven surfaces with a more slender design requiring minimum space. Attaching a wide range of clamping accessories makes this a multi-functional system.
Part No. Tension Load in (kg) Lateral Shear in (kg) Weight in (kg) Width Length Height
P-1000 1097 365 5 50 229 50
P-1600 1601 533 7 76 229 50
P-2000 2195 731 8 102 229 50
P-2500 2499 832 10 127 229 50
P-3000 3293 1097 12 152 229 50
Part No. Description Shaft Dia./& Height Swivel Arm
NH-25200 Universal Clamping W/Ball Joint 25 x 203 20 x 38 x 237
NH-25300 Universal Clamping W/Ball Joint 25 x 305 20 x 38 x 237
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